PathcoreScholar Release Notes

v2.0.1 (2023-04-24)

PathcoreScholar v2.0.1 resolves issues discovered since the v2.0.0 release, in addition to upgrading the tools for managing class enrollment and resources.

New Features

Improved Class Management

The list of Students enrolled in a class is now shown in a sortable and paginated list, which better supports managing large classes. The list includes additional information about each Student, such as last login time and account status, giving Educators more visibility about student activity.

Read more in the Class Management section of the user manual.

Guarding Linked Images

Additional guards have been put in place to prevent deletion of images linked into a class.

Attempting to delete an image from the Repository that is referenced in a class will now fail with an informative message about the cause.

This feature applies to images used in Image Viewer blocks, featured images on Multiple Choice questions, images used for Pin-Drop questions, Pop-Up button images, and Hidden Data/Action Button images. More information can be found in the Repository Operations section of the user manual.

Auto Scale

An "Auto Scale" control has been added to the Viewer’s image settings dialog. This feature automatically configures the black and white points of multi-spectral images based on the dynamic range of each channel. The Auto Scale button can be used to improve contrast and establish baseline values for the black and white points quickly.

The auto scale feature is accessible from the Image Settings panel of the Viewer and the Image Viewer block in PathcoreScholar v2.0.1.

Digital Zoom

Digitally zoom up to 400%.

You can now zoom images beyond their native resolution up to 400%. For example, if an image has a maximum magnification of 20x, it can be scaled up to 80x and even more when in a synchronized multi-panel configuration via the Side-by-Side feature.

Additionally, the current magnification is now always visible in the bottom left corner of an image in the Viewer, even when it’s not the active image, in a Side-by-Side configuration. When digital zoom is enabled for an image, a blue border and a "Digital Zoom" indicator is shown adjacent to the current magnification to unambiguously inform viewers.


A number of enhancements have been made to improve the usability of the software based on customer suggestions and feedback.

Rich Text Editor Improvements

  • Attempting to remove a choice that has already been selected by a Student, from a Multiple Choice question, now returns a more informative "Can't remove a response that has been chosen by a student" message

Viewer Improvements

  • Students can now synchronize images so that panning and magnification actions are performed simultaneously on some or all images in a Side-by-Side configuration. See Side-by-Side View in the manual for more details
  • The Viewer rotation tool now accepts values with a precision of a 10th of a degree (e.g. 43.7°), rather than only accepting integer values
  • The current magnification value in the Viewer has been moved to the bottom-left corner and clearly differentiates digital zoom values
  • Added support for estimating the magnification of OME TIFF images from pixel size when the file does not provide a magnification value

Repository Improvements

  • Long folder breadcrumbs in the Repository are now collapsed into an ellipsis, to prevent it from taking up too much space when navigating deep folder structures. You can click on the ellipsis to get the full list, so you can still quickly jump to any folder in the current path
  • The Move Item and Copy Item dialog boxes have been updated to show the full breadcrumb of the selected folder

Other Improvements

  • Several error messages have been improved to better convey to a Student or Educator what problem has occurred and how to resolve it
  • The search bar in the users tab is sensitive to all columns of the users table, not just the user’s name
  • The files in the Unsorted Uploads page can be sorted and organized using the same tabular capabilities as in the Repository

Fixed in this Release

In this release, we have implemented the following bug fixes and UI improvements to address customer suggestions and feedback.

Class Management Fixes

Corrected the error that would cause the list of classes to disappear when attempting to sort by "Last Modified By", "Created By", or "Students" Fixed the problem with internal IDs that could sometimes cause "Something went wrong" error to display when viewing a page Deleting multiple modules at a time now works as expected

Rich Text Editor Fixes

Fixed a bug where sometimes the text typed into a popup dialog would appear in the Page's Rich Text Editor instead (e.g. when filtering items to add to an Image Viewer block) The “Preview Page” button is now only available after all changes have been saved

Student View Fixes

Student home page is no longer limited to displaying 10 classes; all classes are shown Corrected Student home page to show the number of modules contained within each class

Viewer Fixes

  • The Polygon annotation tool has had several fixes:
    • The Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut now undoes only one point instead of all points
    • Panning with the Arrow key panning works correctly while drawing
    • Zooming with the mouse wheel works correctly while drawing
  • Corrected the keyboard shortcut behavior when viewing multiple images in a Side-by-Side configuration
  • Corrected a behavior that sometimes led to the Viewer forgetting which sub-images have been hidden upon refresh
  • Navigating to the Uploads folder from the Viewer now works as expected
  • Fixed a problem where very wide snapshots would sometimes render as blurry in the information panel

Image Format Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with some ND2 images that could cause the Viewer to fail to load
  • CZI images with sub-images that overlap no longer obscure each other

Repository Fixes

  • Sorting a folder by Size in the Repository no longer shows an empty folder
  • The Move Item dialog box now prevents a user from moving a folder under itself, and provides a warning explaining why it is not a valid destination
  • Deleting a file or folder from the Repository no longer causes the item to "flicker" in the list of items while the delete is in progress
  • Fixed a problem where the Move Item dialog box would sometimes not load all available folders

Search Fixes

  • Fixed an error that could occur when searching for a custom field with a number type
  • Corrected the problem that caused some search results of the user list in Settings to be missing.
  • Corrected the behavior when a search term includes a double quote or other special character. Search now returns results matching those characters

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when a non-administrator user attempted to move an item in the Repository
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements